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Glow Fashion Boutique | Capsule Wardrobe

Frequently Asked Questions - CLASSIC CAPSULE

Q. I feel like I would get bored wearing the same thing everyday...isn't it boring wearing the same 12 pieces all the time?

A. The idea behind the Classic Capsule is using it as glue when piecing together outfits. This means that although you can intermix within the capsule, you can also incorporate something we call "personality pieces" to build your outfits. Use personality pieces to add your own personal style to your outfits. Get our How To Guide for more info.

Q. What are personality pieces?

A. Personality pieces are pieces that fall outside of the Classic Capsule. Colors, prints, patterns and trendy seasonal pieces that you love.

Q. What if I don't like one of the 12 pieces?

A. It's important to allow the capsule work for you. If there is something in the capsule that isn't for you, then feel free to remove or substitute. The idea is to get the most use of your wardrobe and actually wear the clothes you invest in. This is where variations come in. For example, if you don't like bodysuits, do not include them in your capsule. Substitute a tank, cami or t-shirt instead. 

Q. What do you mean by variations?

A. There are 12 Classic Capsule pieces. Within the 12 categories there are variations. For example, variations on a black blazer would included a structured blazer, a relaxed fit blazer, linen blazer, a white or tan blazer or a plaid blazer. Included whatever pieces you prefer in your capsule.

Q. What about those of us who live in a hot climate?

A. This is another example of why we offer variations within the capsule. For example, denim shorts instead jeans. Biker shorts instead of leggings. A lightweight linen blazer instead of a structured black blazer. We also offer a Warmer Climate Bundle which is a collection of our warmer climate capsule pieces. Shop our Bundles.

Q. What about a men's capsule?

A. We currently do not sell men's clothing, but we do have a Men's Capsule How To Guide. Same idea...12 essential pieces and how to build outfits using those pieces plus personality pieces. Shop our Men's How To Guide.

 Q. What about a capsule for women who are older in age?

A. The Classic Capsule is timeless and works for ALL ages. With that said, you may choose whatever piece(s) speaks to you from the variations that we offer within the 12 pieces. 

Q. How does this work for someone who likes to wear current trends?

A. Adding in a few on-trend personality pieces each season is a great way to add interest to your capsule wardrobe. 

Q. Neutrals are boring, where is the color?

A. Add color with your personality pieces.