The Power of an Outfit

Your clothing communicates volumes about you as a person. Without even realizing it, it tells a story about who you are. But style does more than just send a message to others, it impacts how a woman thinks about herself. When a woman makes a decision of what to wear, it truly sets the tone for her day. Research shows how it affects her behavior and overall outlook. The power of an outfit is connected to your mood, confidence and self-esteem. When a woman puts on a piece of clothing that feels great, fits well and looks amazing, it creates confidence because she feels beautiful. She’s in charge and ready to take on her day.
The power of an outfit inspired two stay at home mothers to start a conversation of opening a fashion boutique. Both women at one point in their life believed that mothers couldn’t dress fashionable or sexy. The idea of erasing the stigma of “mom clothes” and how mother’s dress became a personal goal. In the crazy midst of raising kiddos, an idea became a vision and a vision became a reality. Every woman can relate to that amazing feeling you get when you’ve nailed your outfit. It’s an unspoken glow that radiates from within. All woman are familiar with this feeling. With a void in the market for clothing that fits this lifestyle, Glow wanted to inspire others by curating a special assortment that helps all women to feel like they are their best self every time they get dressed.
The power of YOUR outfit comes down to your personal taste and style. It could be that you feel most powerful when you are wearing something comfortable, it could be when you put on a pair of killer heels, or it could be when you wear something super trendy or fashionable. Ultimately, It’s about what you feel your absolute best in.
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